What is Hypnosis?

It’s a state of mind. It’s a state where you are relaxed and focused. Most clients say that they feel like they are in a dreamy state of awareness.

Can Hypnosis make me do what I do not want to do as seen on Television and other Hypnosis Stage Shows?


However, a skilled practitioner can momentarily lead you to make a decision you would not have necessarily have made if you were fully conscious and aware at the time of making that decision.

Acts as seen on various hypnosis stage shows are temporary and do not offer any long term therapeutic benefit and once you leave the stage, you will be back to your normal self especially after a good night's sleep.

Your mind has its own safety mechanisms to protect you.

What if I have not made a decision to quit smoking, lose weight or resolve an issue but deep down inside, I feel I do want to make that change. Can I still receive benefit from Mindfulness Based Cognitive Hypnosis (MBCH)?


Firstly, we will work together to assist you with making that 100% conscious decision to make that change.

Once you make that decision, you have widened the road to real change. You’ll then allow and take all necessary actions for you to reach your destination.

Once that decision has been established but not until then do we go ahead with resolving the issue.

This is a thorough process.

Do you work with children under 18?

Absolutely! We require a signed consent from the parent/guardian. They are also required to be onsite (in the waiting room, not the treatment room) for the duration of the visit.

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